Lifestyle Portrait Shoot in Kunming, Yunnan

Pin-Local Kunming Residence

Back in 2016 I went back to Kunming for the second time. This time with the intention to do a one week road trip (new story on that coming soon) with a close friend of mine (a cinematographer based in China) in the western part of China. After we did that, I had a few days to kill in Kunming. So I asked my friend to help me find someone who is interested in doing a lifestyle portrait shoot in town. He put out a blast on WeChat and luckily Pin responded.

Since she was a local, she took me around to a few interesting spots and these were some of the shots that we got. Enjoy!


Phaisal Guladee

is a professional photographer and educator based in Bangkok, Thailand. He runs professional one-on-one workshops with locals and expats. To inquire about services and pricing contact: or click here"