A Brief Photo Walk In Charoen Krung

A Photo Walk in Charoen Krung, Bangkok

Charoen Krung is considered the art district of Bangkok. It is the street I take my students on for a photo walk after my photography workshop which I usually conduct in TCDC (Thailand Creative and Design Center) which is also on Charoen Krung road.

Charoen Krung isn’t just an art district it was also a fast growing business and trad center of its time. It is filled with early business Chinese, British, and Middle Easter settler. On this walked I focused in on between Charoen Krung Soi 54 and Charoen Krung Soi 42.

Singh Photography (Phaisal Guladee)

Phaisal Guladee

is a professional photographer and educator based in Bangkok, Thailand. He runs professional one-on-one workshops with locals and expats. To inquire about services and pricing contact: singhphotography@outlook.com or click here"