Public Speaking Final Show by Alisa Chalerychit

Dear parents,

Thank you for joining us at a delightful morning at Crimson Education on Sunday March 10, 2019. If public speaking was supposed to be fearful, the Public Speaking Final Show was not indicative of that. On the contrary, you have been an incredible audience - your support, laughter and warm encouragement helped make public speaking a great experience for the students and boosted their confidence. As this Speak Smart: A Public Speaking (Introduction) class has successfully concluded, it is my greatest hope that the students will have learned that Public Speaking can be fun!

Thank you Singh Photography for capturing beautiful moments of the day. Videos of the students are recorded by Crimson Education. Find them below!

Best regards,
Alisa Chalerychit
Public Speaking Coach
LINE: alisa.chalerychit


Alisa Chalerychit

Alisa Chalerychit is a professional communicator and a communications coach based in Bangkok, Thailand. She runs public speaking classes for high school students both in Thai and English. To inquire about her upcoming courses, click here