Singh Photography Workshops 


Basics of Photography

This workshop is perfect for someone who is starting out on their photography journey. Whether you are using a DSLR or a phone camera, this course will help you get to know your camera inside out. In 3 hours, you will master your camera, learn how to make perfect exposures, and immediately put it in practice. The class will take place in a beautiful location in Bangkok. As a fun and hands-on workshop, this class is a great match for those looking to see Bangkok in a different angle.

Fees: 4,000 THB
3 Hours
What to bring:
Your preferred choice of camera
What you will get: Theories and demonstration on how to use your camera. Photo challenges. Hands-on help and feedback. A refreshing drink!
Location: TCDC (Thailand Creative and Cultural Center)


Art of Photography

You are adept with your camera and familiar with its technical usage. Now, you want to take it to the next level. If you are looking to improve your photos, this class is for you. You will learn how to use lights and shadows to your advantage, understand composition techniques, and create artistic and aesthetic visuals. Document your surroundings in an authentic way in this photo walk using the techniques you will have learnt. You will receive constructive critique for your work.

Fees: 4,500 THB
4 Hours
What to bring:
Your preferred choice of camera
What you will get: Theories on the art of photography. A photo walk in a scenic location in Bangkok. Hands-on help, constructive feedback, and personalized recommendations. A refreshing drink!
Location: TCDC (Thailand Creative and Cultural Center)


Creative Process in Photography

In this workshop, we will explore the process which every photographer has to go through: idea generation. Idea generation is a vital process in which a skillful photographer comes up with a concept for his or her work.
In this action-oriented class, get inspired by the works of masters in photography, brainstorm your ideas, plan your shoot, execute the shoot, and compile and post-process your work. As a final presentation, you will be asked to present your work and receive a constructive evaluation. This workshop is perfect for photographers who are looking to create original works for their portfolio. The workshop is recommended in conjunction with the Art of Photography and either of the Post Processing for Photography classes.

Fees: 12,000 THB
This is a 1 month course/ mentorship which includes lectures on idea generation, and project management. Brainstorming sessions, off-hour in-person mentoring, hands-on shoot set-up, and post processing, and presentation, and evaluation.
What to bring:
Your preferred choice of camera. A notebook. Your laptop. Or anything you need to get the job done.
What you will get: Studies of work of masters in photography. Idea generation technique. Project planning/ management skills. Communication skills. And much more.
Location: TCDC (Thailand Creative and Cultural Center)


Post-Processing and Basic Color Management for Photography

Lets take your photos from great to awesome! As photographers, post-processing is key to bringing your photo to life. There are 2 popular software to use for post-processing, each having its own workshop. You can take it altogether or choose one that fits what you most need. We will learn how to use these tools to post-process our photos. Apart from that, which ever workshop you choose we will learn about color space in the digital workflow, and how to manage these to get the best representation of colors across all screens.

Lightroom Fees: 4,500 THB
Duration: 3 Hours
Photoshop Fees: 5,000 THB
3.5 Hours
What to bring:
Your laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom pre-installed, and your photo catalog. A mouse.
What you will get: Demonstrations on how to use the programs, practical tips and tricks.
Location: TCDC (Thailand Creative and Cultural Center)

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